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13.  HOW TO EMBRACE ISLAM:- At last, a question may arise in some minds, after all, what is to be done, if one decides to embrace Islam. The answer is short and simple. First of all, one has to assert one’s firm Belief in the Unity of God, and in the Prophet-ship of Muhammad, by reciting ‘Kalima’- tut- Tawheed:-

Laaa ‘Ilaa-ha ‘Il-lAllaah, Muhammadur-Rasuul-‘Ullaah.”
(There is no God, but Allah, Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah).

       This Kalima is further to be asserted for emphasis:-

Ash-hadu ‘allaaa ‘ilaaha Il-lAllaahu, Wah-daHuu, Laa sha-reeka laHuu, wa ‘ash-hadu ‘anna Muhamma-dan ‘AbduHuu wa RasuuluHu.

(I bear witness that verily there is no God but Allah. He is the One, None is Partner with Him. And I bear witness that verily Muhammad is His ‘Abd (servant) and His Apostle. (He is neither God, nor a Son of God, nor the Incarnation of God). There is no priesthood in Islam. No rituals, no formalities of baptism.

14.  BASIC BELIEFS AND DEEDS:- Then the other Basic Beliefs of Islam given on the title page of this volume have to be asserted. 136 : 4. Thus when knowledge had been set Right by means of Beliefs, there comes the sphere of Action which consists of four Basic Duties as below:-

     (1)  Salaat or Namaaz (Prayers), five times a day. If Prayers be missed at one time, they may be made up at another time. Islam, being a Religion of Association, and not of Isolation, teaches to be attentive to God and Truth, not only in solitude, but also in Crowd and Company, so that it is more meritorious to offer prayers in congregation than alone, in mosque than at home. Man must learn to live in Truth, Just as fish live in water. Just as there are people Worldly wise, Islam wants people to be Worldly Religious.

    (2)   Zakkat or Poor-Due, to pay annually for religious purposes 2 ½ P.C. of the wealth held in the form of cash or jewellery during the whole year.

    (3)   Sawm or Roza, to fast the whole day in the month of Ramazaan, with exceptions and alternatives in illness or old age or difficult journey.

   (4)   Hajj - Pilgrimage to Makkah, seat of Islam, at least once in life, is binding, if one can afford to do so, in respect of his finance, health and other considerations. Pilgrimage to Madina, to visit the Prophet’s Tomb with Hajj is very meritorious.
       To live a truthful Life of Spiritual Attitude and Right Remembrance of Allah, Muslims are advised to repeat Basic Truths in their mind and heart in their daily life. For instance they should say:

·       Bismillaah’ (in the name of Allah, at all occasions of beginning and start,

·       Sub-haanAllaah’ (Glory to Allah) at all occasions of greatness and wonder,

·       Al-Hamdu-LIllaah, (Praise be to Allah), at all occasions of favor and comfort,

·       ‘In-Shaaa-Allaah, (God willing), at all occasions of action and enterprise,

·       ‘As-tag-firUllaah’ (I seek forgiveness from Allah), at all occasions of slip and sins,

·       Salaamun ‘alay-kum (Peace be on you), at all occasions of meeting and greeting,

·       ‘Innaa  LIllaah’ (We belong to Allah), at all occasions of misfortune and grief,

·       ‘Allaahu-Akbar’ (Allah is Great) at all occasions of difficulty and crisis, and

·       ‘Allaahum-ma  salli ‘alaa Muhammadin wa ‘alaa Aali Muhammadin wa baarik wa sallim’ (O Allah! Bestow grace, blessings and peace on Muhammad and members of His family, for cultivating love and reverence for the Prophet. But Words must be accompanied by Deeds, and Knowledge must be transformed into Action, so more stress is laid on Duties and Obligations in daily life.

15.  RISAALAT, THE SOUL OF TAWHEED:- The concept of the Unity of God in its purest form has been furnished to mankind through Muhammad (peace be on him). So it is the duty of every Muslim to entertain the highest respect and love for Him, and to follow the best example in Knowledge and Action set by Him in the light of Qur-‘aan. May it be made clear that obedience to the Apostle is always to be charged with an unalloyed love and reverence for Him, for it is through His love alone that the highest truths can be comprehended and Communion with God can be vouchsafed. In fact, Love is the motive force; Reverence disciplines Love, and implicit Obedience to the Prophet is their natural outcome.

       To sum up, true relationship with God (Tawheed’) cannot be obtained without ‘Risaalat (the Belief in the Apostleship of Muhammad and his Love and Obedience), as declares the Qur-‘aan:-

       “Say (O Muhammad, to mankind) : If ye love Allah, follow me, Allah will love you and forgive you your sins”. 31 : 3. “Say: O my slaves! . . . Despair not of the Mercy of Allah, Who forgiveth all sins”. …53 : 39. “Ask (the disbelievers): ‘Whose is the earth? Who is Lord of seven heavens?...In Whose hands lieth the power to rule over every thing”? They will (instantly) answer, “They all belong to Allah.” In spite of their answers about these Divine Attributes in affirmative, the decision goes, “Nay, We have brought them the Truth (of the Apostleship of Muhammad); but they are liars indeed, (as they deny this Truth).” Vide 84 to 90 : 23. The Qur-‘aan is full of “Aaminuu BIllaahi wa Ra-suu-liHii’, i.e. Believe in God and His Apostle (Muhammad).” Again and again hundreds of times, the Qur-‘aan insists upon the Belief in Allah to be followed by the Belief in the Apostleship of Muhammad (peace be on Him), as if too much stress cannot be laid upon their combination. Vide 136 :4, 33: 47, 9: 48, 7: 57, 11: 61 etc, etc.      

Copied from HOLY QUR-’AAN, (transliteration in roman script with English translation by Marmaduke Pickthal), Published by, Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazaar Lahore Pakistan.